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Crosman M4-177 Tactical .177 Caliber Air Rifle | Model M4-177 | Discount Crosman Air Gun For Sale

Crosman M4-177 .177 Caliber Air Rifle | BB and Pellet Gun

Crosman M4-177 Tactical .177 Caliber Variable Pump Air Rifle | BB and Pellet Gun

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The Crosman Model M4-177 .177 Caliber Variable Pump Air Rifle was announced and released for sale in 2012 by the Crosman Corporation at the S.H.O.T. Show in Las Vegas, NV. Crosman announced a myriad of new air guns in 2012, and the Crosman M4-177 has already been a huge success among air gunners who are looking for an air gun that provides a variety of aesthetic and performance features. The M4-177 the tactical looks like an assault rifle and operates with the reliability that we have come to expect from Crosman Variable Pump Air Rifles. Like other Crosman Brand Pneumatic Pump Air Guns, the M4-177 can shoot BBs and Pellets with a max velocity of 660 fps with BBs and 625 fps with pellets. The air gun should only be pumped a maximum of 10 times to achieve maximum velocity. There are also plenty of picatinny/weaver rails for adding accessories and optics.

We have included detailed information and specifications for the Crosman M4-177 .177 Caliber Air Rifle in the following as well as discount prices and purchase options for the air gun, air gun accessories, gear, pellets, bbs, ammunition, and other items. There is also a link to the Crosman M4-177 official Owner's Manual.

Crosman M4-177 Air Rifle Specifications and Information

Air Gun Name Crosman M4-177 Tactical BB and Pellet Rifle
Model / Item Number M4-177
MSRP $94.99
Discount Price
Brand Crosman
Manufacturer Crosman Corporation
Caliber .177 Caliber BB Repeater or Single Shopt Pellet Gun with Variable Pump Pneumatic Power Plant
Weight 3.56 Pounds
Length 34" Inches Long
Barrel Rifled Steel
Stock Synthetic Stock with Comfortable Pistol Grip and Adjustable Butt Stock
Trigger Standard
Safety Cross Bolt Trigger Block
Action Bolt Action BB Repeater / Single Shot Pellet Rifle
Powered By Variable Pump Pneumatic Piston
Maximum Muzzle Velocity 660 fps with BB / 625 fps with Pellet
Front Sight Adjustable and Removable
Rear Sight Adjustable and Removable
Scope Included No – Picatinny Rails for Mounting Optics and Accessories
Shoot From Left and Right
Uses Target Shooting, Plinking, Pest Control
Recommended Maintenance Use Crosman Pellgun Oil for Routine Maintenance.

.177 Caliber BBs, Pellets, and Ammunition for the Crosman M4-177

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Only Crosman Brand BBs and Crosman / Benjamin Brand Pellets are recommended for use in the Crosman M4-177 Air Rifle. The air gun features a bb reservoir with a capacity of 350 bbs which can then be easily fed into the air gun's magazine and loaded with the bolt action system. Pellets must be individually loaded into the air gun by hand or using the Crosman Model 0401 Pow'r Kit pellet clips. One Pow'r Kit (4 clips - 5 Pellets Each) is included with the purchase of the air rifle.

Crosman Copperhead BBs
Crosman Copperhead .177 Caliber BBs are a steel BB air gun ammuntion with a copper coating. These high quality BBs weigh 5.2 grains. Copperhead bbs are great for casual plinking and target shooting. This is a bottle of 6000 BBs. MSRP:  $15.49 
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Discovery Pellets
The Benjamin Discovery .177 Caliber Pellets Hollowpoint pellets model BHP77 are a 10.5 grain pellet made specifically for the Benjamin Discovery .177 Caliber Air Rifle. This is a tin of 500 lead air gun pellets. MSRP: $10.59
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Crosman Field Hunting Pellets .177 Cal Pellets
The Crosman .177 Caliber Pointed Pellet Model P1250 is an all-around lead pellet that weighs 7.4 grains. The Super Point design is a great choice for plinking, pest control, and small game hunting. This box of 1250 pellets is a great value. MSRP: $13.59
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Crosman Premier Domed Model 177DB .177 Cal Pellets
Crosman Premier Domed .177 Caliber pellets model 177DB are a great choice for any Crosman Pellet Rifle. They are a standard weight pellet at 7.9 gains. These high grade lead pellets can be used for field target shooting as well as pest control and small game hunting. This is a box of 1250 lead air gun pellets. MSRP: $24.59
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Crosman Premier Super Match Pellets
The Crosman Premier Super Match Model LM77 Pellets a.k.a. WadCutters are used for paper targets. The flat head of the pellet punches a clean, visible hole through the paper target. These .177 Caliber lead pellets have a consistent standard weight of 7.9 grains. This is a tin of 500 lead air gun pellets. MSRP: $10.59
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Accessories and Gear for the Crosman M4-177 Air Rifle

Shop All Air Rifle AccessoriesThe Crosman M4-177 includes multiple accessory rails for mounting scopes and optics. Crosman Pellgun Oil should be used for routine Maintenance on the air gun.

Maintenance Accessories for the Crosman M4-177

Crosman Pellgun Oil
Crosman Model 0241 Pellgunoil recommended for use on Crosman and Benjamin Brand Variable Pump Air Guns and CO2 Air Guns. MSRP: $3.29
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RWS .177 Cal Shooter's Kit
The .177 Caliber RWS Shooter's Kit has everything you need to keep your .177 Caliber Air Rifle Rifle in working order plus some great air gun ammuntion. Included in the kit: 3-Piece Cleaning Rod, .177 caliber JAG, .177 caliber Brush, 1/2 oz. RWS Chamber Lube, 1 oz. RWS Spring Cylinder Oil, 10 each 4x4 targets, 250 count tin RWS Meisterkugeln Pellets, 250 count tin RWS Superdome, Pellets, 25 each .177 caliber cleaning pellets. MSRP: $49.38
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Optics Accessories for the Crosman M4-177

CenterPoint Adventure Class
AO Scope

The Centerpoint 6x32mm AO Model CP632AORG Scope has a 1" Tube, 6x Magnification, and a 32mm objective. This scope has a Green-Red Mil-Dot etched glass reticle. This scope is great for targets that may be on the move and can be used from 3 yards and farther. More Info MSRP:  $73.59 
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CenterPoint Weaver Rings
These CenterPoint Model CPM2PW-25H High Profile Scope Rings fit scopes with a 1" Diameter and attach to 5/8" Weaver / Piccatany Rails. These scope rings securely mount optics with 4 screws on each ring. MSRP:  $5.00 
+ $15.00 Shipping on
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Targets and Shooting Accessories for the Crosman M4-177

Clamp On Bipod
The UTG Dragon Clamp On Bipod model TL-BP08ST can be easily attached to any air gun with a barrel width from 11mm to 19mm. This is a relatively straight forward bipod accessory that features aluminum construction and can be adjusted for heights from 9" to 11". MSRP: $25.95
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Squirrel Field Target
The Gamo Squirrel Target is a great for practicing your sportsmanship. There are additional kill zone reducers that will allow you to really zero in with any air gun. Set this target up in the yard with the supplied steaks. Scoring a bullseye knocks the target down, but the Squirrel target comes with string to easily reset it for your next bullseye shot. (Tip: Use Round Nosed/Domed Field Target Pellets) MSRP: $39.95
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Gamo Cone Pellet Trap
The Gamo Cone Pellet Trap is a small trap recommended for target guns. This trap should only be used with lead air gun pellets. The trap holds Gamo Paper Targets and comes with a pack of 100 targets to get you started. (Use Flat Nosed – Match Pellets for Clean Holes in the Paper Targets). MSRP: $19.95
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Safety Accessories for the Crosman M4-177

Radians – Remington Shooting Glasses
These Remington Shooting Glasses feature rubber nosepiece and rubber temple pads for comfort and stability. This set includes 5 easily interchangeable lenses for different light situations and comes complete with neck cord, neoprene carrying case, and microfiber cleaning cloth. MSRP: $22.99
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Master Lock Keyless Trigger Lock
The Master Lock Model 94DSPT is an affordable trigger lock that allows gun owners to quickly lock up their gun, and it does not require a key for to access it again. The lock uses a 3 digit combination lock pattern to secure the trigger when placed on a gun. This lock also features padding to keep the guns componenents safe from scratches.

See the Official Lock Instructions
MSRP: $14.38
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Master Lock Trigger Lock
This Master Lock Model 90DSPT Trigger Lock fits most guns and rifles. This model uses a key for re-accessing the gun. Rubber padding on the gun sides of the lock protect the gun from any incidental damage from the lock.

See the Official Lock Instructions.
MSRP: $12.39
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Similar Air Guns – Air Rifles Like the Crosman M4-177

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Crosman Classic 2100
The Crosman Classic 2100 is the "Big" version of the affordable variable pump air rifle by Crosman. The 2100 achieves a maximum velocity of up to 755 fps with .177 cal BBs or 725 fps with .177 cal pellets. The 2100 features a rifled steel barrel, fiber optic front sights, adjustable rear sights, and an all-weather synthetic stock and forearm. The model 2100x can be purchased with an option Crosman 0410 target finder scope. This rifle can be used for target shooting and pest control.

More Information on the Crosman Classic 2100
MSRP:  $69.99 
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Crosman Pumpmaster 760
The Crosman Pumpmaster 760 is a small, affordable variable pump air rifle. The 760 was originally introduced by the Crosman Corporation in 1963. Over the years, Crosman has made small adjustments and improvements to this classic air guns, and it is still one of the best around for its category. The Pumpmaster 760 achieves a maximum velocity of up to 630 fps with .177 caliber BBs or 600 fps with .177 cal pellets. It features a smooth bore barrel, fiber optic front sight, adjustable rear sight, and a cross bolt trigger block. The 760 is recommended for target shooting and casual plinking.

More Information on the Crosman Pumpmaster 760
MSRP:  $43.99 
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Crosman Recruit
The Crosman Recruit Model RCT525 is a .177 Caliber BB and Pellet Rifle that features an adjustable butt stock. This air rifle is a pneumatic pump air gun that fires pellets up to 645 fps and bbs up to 680 fps. The Recruit can be used for target shooting and small pest control.

More Information on the Crosman Recruit
MSRP:  $69.99 
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Crosman Model M4-177 .177 Caliber Air Rifle Owner's Manual

Crosman M4-177 Owner’s Manual

Reading the owner's manual for your air gun is an important and necessary step to ensuring your safety and getting the most out of your air gun. Please read the owner's manual for the air gun operating operating the air gun. The owner's manual reviews information on the maintenance of the air rifle, performance standards, and recommended products.

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