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Air Guns Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Get answers to frequently asked questions about air guns, air gun ammuntion, air gun accessories, types of air guns, and general air gun knowledge.

Air Guns Ammunition

What is a Grain?

A grain is a unit of weight measurement that is often referred to when stating the weight of ammuntion. The term "grain" came to be known as the original determination of value was that equal to a single plump grain of wheat or barley. In today's measurements related to that of ammunition, the grain is equal to 1/7000 pound or roughly 0.0023 ounce.

Notes: The weight of ammunition will effect the foot pounds of energy achieved by ammuntion at specific velocities. However, the weight of the ammuntion will also effect the velocity the ammunition is able to achieve on air rifles. When choosing ammunition for your air rifle, one should consult the Owner's Manual for the specific air gun to determine what size and weight of ammunition are recommended.

Types of Air Guns

What is a Pump Air Gun?

Pump air guns are some of the most common types of air guns available for purchase. An example of a classic pump air gun is the Variable Pump Crosman Pumpmaster 760. This air gun is powered by an air piston that is charged by an on gun pump mechanism that is pumped 3-10 times to charge the piston. The air in the piston is used to power a BB or Pellet down range. Because the pump can be used a variable number of times to achieve different velocities, it the Pumpmaster 760 is considered a variable pump air gun. Alternative variations of pump air guns include a single stroke pump air gun such as the Daisy Powerline Targetpro 953.

Notes: Air gun shooters tend to use pump air guns for target shooting and casual plinking. However, some variable pump air guns such as the Crosman Classic 2100, the Benjamin 397 and 392, and the Daisy Powerline 880 do achieve enough shooting velocity to make them usable for pest control.

Resources: Visit our Pump Air Guns section for more information on Pump Air Guns.


Air Gun Terms